Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Long Awaited North Carolina Post!

I've put this post off for awhile but about a month ago Rich Nelson was nice enough to have some of us CCS students come down for his workshop. His family, the town, the participants, and himself were more than generous to us. My friends Joel Grothaus, Kaitlin Koch, Cody Erickson and myself took the 12 hour trip packed in Cody's car with little other then the essentials, paint supplies, and a tent. It was an amazing road trip down there. We saw a lot of beautiful landscapes and we were often tempted to jump out of the car to paint. By the time we got around Tryon, NC we were surrounded by beautiful mountains. We met with Rich and set up our tent for the week. We spent the remainder of the week painting still life, portraits, and landscapes. Rich shared so much knowledge with us and his positivity and kindness was extremely refreshing. I'm sure I can speak for all us by saying thank you to everyone on the trip, especially Rich Nelson and his family. North Carolina and all of its inhabitants will surely be missed by these Michiganders. Here are some photos from the trip in no particular order, thanks to Kaitlin.

Joel, Cody, myself, and Kaitlin in Asheville, NC

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catherine Vlastou after Sargent

Ah summer. It's that time of year when you have to constantly fight of procrastination because of the beautiful weather outside. I've been keeping myself busy while still having fun though. I've been working on my inks lately and am planning out putting up a post soon. For now however I hope you enjoy a John Singer Sargent study.