Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alright I lied

I know.. I know the last post said I was going to have my final self portrait up. Alright I lied. It’s finished I just have to find a better camera than my 2 megapixel iPhone. Anyways here is another project I’m working on for Head Drawing and Portraiture Painting. I ended up scrapping my old composition and restarting from scratch yesterday. Hopefully I won’t receive to much hell tomorrow. I figured I’d rather make something good than mediocre. Anyways here is my charcoal. I’m currently on the second layer of painting right now. Man I need a new camera. Perhaps Christmas? Mom, Dad, wealth Wall Streeters that are taking away our hard earned tax money? Oh wait we’re probably going to have to take out another loan to China. Speaking of politics looky here…..


In other news I saw Barack Obama today for the third time. And Joe Biden and Michelle Obama for the first! They spoke in front of the Detroit Public Library and DIA. The Secret Service came to my apartment building and yelled at us for having our windows open. I was one that left his window up… yikes! I’m a part of history, we managed to delay the rally. :/ Oh dear. Don’t worry Obama, I’m sure the thousands of people there are still going to vote for you. And we’ll see if I’m one of them come November 4th… who am I kidding?

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